Yenka Programming

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  • simulator for programming and sequential functions.
  • Mac OS X or Windows XP/Vista
Not part of any bundles
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Yenka is a new generation of educational modelling tools from Crocodile Clips. Yenka Programming is the latest Yenka tool, and has been developed from the acclaimed Crocodile ICT.

Each Yenka product is based around a powerful modelling engine, which lets you use and edit the rich, interactive content from our extensive online database - or even create your own lessons from scratch.

A simple flowchart interface lets you control either human characters or on-screen animations, making programming easily accessible to all.

It's a novel way to teach about control, starting with the basic concept of a sequence of steps, and moving on to loops, variables and functions.

Start your flowchart

Each character has many different actions - dance steps, movements and interactions - which can be programmed using flowcharts. Link as many commands as you wish, in any order, and edit parameters with a click.

Test and refine

Errors are highlighted and explained as your program runs, and a monitor shows variable values changing. You can step through commands at your own pace.

Synchronise your dancers to music

Add a backing track for your characters to dance to - we've included 23 for you to choose from, or you can import your own tracks. A simple slider lets you synchronise your dancers to the beat.

Import your own 3D objects

Yenka's 3D environment lets you control your characters, and view their actions, in full 3D.

Yenka Programming lets you import 3D models from Google Sketchup - so you can create a 3D virtual world for your characters to inhabit!