Yenka PICs

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  • simulator for PIC and PICAXE routine scripts.
  • Windows XP/Vista
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Yenka PICs lets you write routines using simple flowcharts, and test them on-screen, before using them to program real PIC or PICAXE chips. (Programming real chips is currently only available on Windows, but Mac or Linux users can copy models onto a Windows computer to export to a real chip.)

To help spread the news about Yenka, we're offering free copies of Yenka PICs for use at home or school.

Yenka PICs has new, easy-to-use flowchart programming interface, built around the powerful simulation in Crocodile Technology.

Program chips by snapping flowchart elements together, and then click on them to edit their properties - like input status and variable values.

To insert a new command, just drop it at the right place; it snaps in automatically, with no need to delete and redraw links.

There are new commands, like 'Set Interrupt', which checks the inputs between each program step until a specified condition is satisfied.

Program real chips

Yenka PICs programs the following real chips directly:
• PICAXEs 08, 08M, 14M, 18, 18A, 18M, 18X, 20M, 28, 28A, 28X, 28X1
• PICs 16F627, 16F628, 16F84, 16F84A and 16F872.

Links with other Yenka products

Yenka PICs can be used on its own. It also works seamlessly with other Yenka products, sharing the same user interface:

  • If you've got Yenka Electronics, you can design input and output circuits for your PIC or PICAXE, and test them with the chip.
  • If you've also got Yenka PCBs, you can create and simulate PCB designs containing your programmed PIC chips, and export them for manufacture.

Get your free school licence

To get Yenka PICs for your school, here's what you do:

  1. Register for a Yenka account.
  2. In your account, add the free 'Yenka PICs' product.
  3. Make note of your 12-digit Activation Key provided. This identifies your account to the Yenka software.
  4. Download and install Yenka on your computer, and double-click on the desktop icon to run it.
  5. Enter your 12-digit Activation Key when prompted.