Yenka PCBs

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  • Simulator for generating manufacturer-ready printed circuit boards.
  • Windows XP/Vista
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Yenka PCBs is an add-on for Windows versions of Yenka Electronics. It takes the 2D circuits you simulate, and converts them automatically into three-dimensional PCB simulations, which can be exported for manufacture.

Unfortunately, Yenka PCBs isn't yet available for Macs.

Design circuit boards in full 3D

Using Yenka PCBs with Yenka Electronics lets you drag one or more 3D PCBs into your design. Each PCB comes with a window in which you can lay out your schematic design.

Powerful PCB editing tools

Yenka PCBs includes the full real-PCB design software, which runs in the background.

Its automatic tools let you produce PCB simulations, in full 3D, with a couple of clicks; they will automatically place your components and route the tracks on the circuit board.

If you want, you can do more design yourself: for example, specify key settings, such as track width and component spacing. You can also place key inputs and outputs where you want them, letting the software place the other components automatically. You can even edit the full PCB design manually, if you wish.

3D simulation of your PCB

This produces a full 3D simulation of the components on your circuit board. In this simulation, you can interact with switches or controls in either the 2D or 3D views; both views of your circuit are simulated concurrently.

To help understand how your finished product will work, you can flip or rotate the board to any angle as the simulation runs.

Other Yenka products

Yenka PCBs can only be used if you've already got Yenka Electronics to design the circuit.

  • Yenka Gears lets you use mechanical inputs and outputs, like motors and solenoids.
  • Yenka PICs lets you program and simulate PIC and PICAXE chips in your circuits.