Yenka Inorganic Chemistry

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  • simulator for electricity generation, transmission and use, and circuit design
  • Mac OS X or Windows XP/Vista
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Yenka Inorganic Chemistry is virtual chemistry laboratory where you can model experiments and reactions safely and easily.

Drag chemicals, equipment and glassware from the toolbars at the side of the screen, and combine them as you wish. Then choose whatever quantities and concentrations you like: reactions are modelled accurately as soon as you mix the chemicals.

The powerful graph tools let you plot data from your reactions - for example, pH against volume. You can also view reaction mechanisms using 3D animations.

The power of simulation

Yenka Inorganic Chemistry offers much more than much other software. It's not just a limited set of animations: it's a full, flexible simulated laboratory.

As well as presenting the models on a whiteboard, you can let your students simulate their own experiments with Yenka Inorganic Chemistry - ideal for coursework, revision or group activities.

Because it's a virtual lab, they can experiment safely and easily, encouraging scientific enquiry and seeing reactions that aren't possible or practical in real life.