Yenka Electrochemistry

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  • simulator for electrolysis, electrical and chemical reactions.
  • Mac OS X or Windows XP/Vista
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Yenka Electrochemistry lets you simulate experiments in electrolysis, electroplating and cells. There's a range of classroom activities and training videos to help you get started.

Choose from a range of metal or carbon electrodes, and combine them with one of 28 different electrolytes. For each electrolyte, you can set the concentration and volume precisely.

Add a battery and wire it to the electrodes, and watch your simulation run.

Information about the reactions that take place is displayed in the reaction details window. You can look at the reactions and properties at each electrode, as well as at the overall cell equation.

To simulate voltaic cells, use two beakers and a salt bridge, and a voltmeter to measure cell potential.

Make measurements from your simulation using equipment like a thermometer, a pH meter or a balance, or use the graph tool to plot simulated experimental data.