Yenka Electricity and Magnetism

  • simulator for electricity generation, transmission and use, and circuit design
  • Mac OS X or Windows XP/Vista
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Yenka Electricity and Magnetism lets you experiment with the generation, transmission and use of electricity, in full 3D.

You can choose from a range of components, and link them on the screen to simulate your own national power grid.

Power generation

A range of simulated power stations - such as nuclear, hydro-electric and wind - lets you generate energy to supply your simulated grid. Change settings like power capacity and RMS voltage to suit your needs.

Alternatively, study electromagnetic effects: move a magnet through a coiled wire, controlling the number of turns in the wire and the diameter of the coil.

Link a 3D generator to a bulb, and graph the changing voltage as you turn the coil.

Power transmission

Connect a substation to your power station and choose the transformer ratio, and then connect it to the grid with power lines.

Investigate the effects of changing resistivity, cable diameter or length, and use aluminium high-voltage wires or copper low-voltage wires.

Add labels to follow changing voltages, and see the effects of transforming the voltage on the amount of power lost during transmission.

Power consumption

Finally, connect houses, factories or towns to your grid, to use the power you're generating.

Yenka lets you import your own 3D objects - such as those designed in Google's free Sketchup software - to simulate your own custom power consumers.

Simulate circuits

In addition to modelling electric power generation and use in 3D, you can simulate a range of circuit diagrams, too.

Use a wide range of analogue components, including power supplies, inputs, outputs and switches, and link them as you wish by drawing wires with the mouse. Change parameters like resistance or capacitance, and graph quantities like voltage and current from your simulation.