Yenka Coordinates

  • free modelling tool for learning about axes and coordinates in 2D and 3D
  • Mac OS X or Windows XP/Vista
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Yenka Coordinates is a new free modelling tool for teaching about 2D and 3D coordinates.

It introduces cartesian axes by letting you plot points, play games where you find points or identify their coordinates, and identify points on 3D shapes.

Yenka Coordinates is the first product we've developed with the help of the Senate - a group of 100 teachers around the world who are advising us on how we develop software. We're very grateful for their help.

Play our coordinate games...

Yenka Coordinates offers two customisable games, to help you learn about coordinates and axes.

You can either place a point, given its coordinates, or enter the coordinates of points on the screen.

Yenka will let you know if you've got it right, and then automatically generate a new game for you to play.

...and create your own games, too.

As is usual with Yenka, these games can be easily customised. Choose how the axes are set up - 2D or 3D, one quadrant or 4, units and scales, and so on.

In addition, you can set your game in context by adding 3D objects, like those from Google's Sketchup Warehouse. Here, we've set up our game as a pirate's treasure hunt.

Add coordinates in 3D

As well as working in 2D, you can add a third axis. Drag a 3D shape onto the screen, and you can attach points to any of its vertices.

Get your free copy

Yenka Coordinates is completely free - whether you're using it at home or at school. Existing users should download and install the latest version of Yenka.

At school, you'll need to set up a Yenka account - you can add Yenka Coordinates to your licence in step 2. You can also add Yenka Coordinates to your existing school licence.

At home, simply download Yenka, install it and follow the instructions.