Yenka 3D Shapes

  • simulator for building 3D forms from 2D nets
  • Mac OS X or Windows XP/Vista
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Yenka 3D Shapes is a new modelling tool for experimenting with 3D geometry.
Start by dragging ready-made shapes or nets onto the screen, then resize or rotate them by dragging.

Simple tools change the 3D view and change colours and textures. Add questions, instructions or text - and create your own custom-made lessons.

You can also watch our training videos to see what it will be like to use.

Design 3D nets, and fold them

Drag 2D shapes onto the screen and snap them together.

Joined edges become hinges, and you can fold them by dragging corners - see if your net produces the 3D shape you want.

There's a range of ready-made nets, too - like cubes, pyramids and prisms - to help you get started.

Add ready-made 3D shapes

No need for complex construction: unlike most geometry software, Yenka offers a full library of 3D shapes, ready for you to use.

Just drag them onto the screen and start working.
And if the shape you want isn't there? Design a net for it and fold it yourself, or add a 2D shape and drag its face upwards to produce a prism.

Measure and unfold them.

Drag on measurements - like volume, area and length - and they snap onto shapes, following changes as you resize the shapes.

Double-click a 3D shape and click its 'unfold' button - it unfolds into a net as you watch.

You can also unfold shapes manually, face by face.

Build by stacking shapes

Drag a cube onto another one, and it will jump on top of it.
Build like this using the 3D shapes, and you'll be able to measure combined volumes. You can even add textures, like wood or brick, if you want.

View plans and elevations

Three intuitive tools - pan, zoom and rotate - let you change the view. Click buttons to show a plan or elevations - in either a perspective or an isometric view.