Download the Yenka plug-in to open and edit Yenka content, and create your own models.

MSI Network Installer

Network Installation Version Size Download
Yenka plug-in 3.1.8 71MB Download , Installation Instructions

Registry Patch for Real-PCB

If you install Yenka on a shared network drive (i.e. UNC shared folder), Real-PCB does not run properly. This is because it requires certain registry settings on the client. You can run this installer on the local machines to set these required registry settings to overcome this problem.

Please note: This is not needed for CC3 or MSI network installations. It is only necessary on networks where a copy of Yenka is installed only on the server and the Yenka executable is shared.

Network Installation Version Size Download
Windows Registry Patch Installer 2.0 0.4MB Download

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