To install Yenka on a Mac, follow these steps

  1. Download the Yenka plug-in.
  2. Save the file to a location of your choice.
  3. Safari may mount the Yenka disk image in the Finder for you. Alternatively, you can double-click on the downloaded Yenka.dmg to mount the image.
  4. Drag the Yenka icon from the disk image to your Applications folder.
  5. Once Yenka has been copied to your computer, you can eject the disk image.
  6. Double-click on the Yenka application to start up the new software.
  7. You can then either try a 15-day trial, sign up for a free home licence, or activate a purchased school product with your Activation Key.


Unfortunately, using a Mac, you cannot route PCBs or to program real PICs using Yenka Electronics, Yenka PICs, or Yenka PCBs.