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Yenka Technology

  • user-friendly software for simulating electronic circuits, designing PCBs and programming PIC or PICAXE microcontrollers.
  • Mac OS X / Windows XP or later

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Yenka Technology is a powerful, but easy-to-use, simulator for systems and control.

It lets you design circuits, with a vast library of digital and analog electronics, and convert them to PCBs for manufacture. You can program PIC or PICAXE chips, and model the circuit in full 3D, with mechanical inputs and outputs.

Yenka Technology has been designed for children as young as 10 to use - unlike most of our competitors, which are converted industrial simulators.

As a result, Yenka's interface is easy to learn, and the software simulates as you work - so you can see how your changes affect the circuit straight away.

And teachers and students can all use the full version of Yenka Technology at home, free of charge.

What does Yenka cover?

Yenka Technology can be used right throughout the design process:

  • Electronic circuit simulation - design and simulate circuits using over 150 types of component, testing and refining your design as you work;
  • 3D PCB design - take the circuits you simulate, and convert them into 3D PCB simulations*, whose layouts can be exported for manufacture;
  • Microcontroller programming - write routines using simple flowcharts, and test them on-screen, before using them to program real PIC or PICAXE chips*;
  • Gears - experiment with a range of mechanical components, in full 3D, and control them via your electronic system.

/*PCB design and microcontroller program export only available in Windows version

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