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Yenka Physics

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Yenka Physics is a powerful but easy-to-use simulator, which lets you learning by experimenting in a colourful, accurate environment.

Simulate however you wish, from designing circuits and optical systems, through modelling wave propagation, to accelerating masses and graphing their motion.

There's a wide range of lessons and activities, and a set of training videos, to help you get started.

It can be used as a flexible demonstration tool - for example, on a whiteboard. Alternatively, students can use Yenka themselves, to investigate concepts in Yenka's safe, accurate world.

And teachers and students can all use the full version of Yenka Physics at home, free of charge.

What does Yenka Physics cover?

Yenka Physics covers these areas:

If you teach electronics, you might prefer Yenka Physics with Electronics. And if you also teach chemistry, you might like Yenka Science.

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