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Yenka Gears

  • Simulator for motors, gears and flywheels.
  • Mac OS X or Windows XP/Vista
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Yenka Gears lets you experiment with a range of mechanical components, in full 3D.

Straightforward 3D design tools

Mechanical components are straightforward to use: they snap together automatically, and can be moved and rotated in each of the 3 dimensions.

Gears can be linked directly to each other, or using a chain drive of any length. Each gear lets you set its diameter precisely, and choose how many teeth it has, and how big they are.

To change the direction of rotation, worm and bevel gears and a rack and pinion are also available. You can connect a crank to the gears to turn them manually, or add wheels of different masses and diameters.

Other Yenka products

Yenka Gears can be used on its own, but it also works seamlessly with other Yenka products.

In particular, if you've also got Yenka PCBs, you can create and simulate PCB designs which link to your gears and flywheels through motors, solenoids and generators, and export the PCB layout for manufacture.