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Yenka Electricity and Magnetism

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Yenka Electricity and Magnetism lets you experiment with the generation, transmission and use of electricity, in full 3D.

Power generation

A range of simulated power stations lets you generate energy to supply your simulated grid.

Alternatively, study electromagnetic effects: move a magnet through a coiled wire, controlling the number of turns in the wire and the diameter of the coil.

Power transmission

Connect a substation to your power station and choose the transformer ratio, and then connect it to the grid with power lines.

Investigate the effects of changing resistivity, cable diameter or length, and use aluminium high-voltage wires or copper low-voltage wires.

Finally, connect houses, factories or towns to your grid, to use the power you're generating.

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Simulate circuits

You can also draw and simulate circuit diagrams. Choose from a range of components and link them by drawing wires with the mouse.

Edit parameters like resistance or capacitance, and graph quantities like voltage and current from your simulation.

Which Yenka product should I use for simulating electricity?

We've now got a range of simulators for electricity and electronics. Here's how they all fit together:

  • Yenka Electricity and Magnetism - 3D simulation electric power generation, transmission and use; basic analogue circuit simulation.
  • Yenka Electronics - Design your own circuits using analogue and digital electronic components.
  • Yenka PCBs - Converts electronic circuit designs into 3D PCB layouts
  • Yenka Basic Circuits - Lets you simulate simple circuits using 20 simple components, in both pictorial and symbolic form