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Yenka is a range of simulation and modelling software, designed specifically for use by schools and their students.

Yenka Technology

A complete simulator for electronic design. It covers...

  • Electronics — design and simulate circuits using over 150 types of component, testing and refining your design as you work.
  • PCB design — convert your circuits into 3D PCB simulations, whose layouts can be exported for manufacture.
  • PIC programming — program simulated PIC or PICAXE chips using simple flowcharts, before exporting to chips.
  • Mechanisms — experiment with a range of mechanical inputs and outputs, in full 3D.

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Yenka Science

A range of virtual labs that let you simulate physics and chemistry experiments safely and easily.

  • Electricity and Magnetism - simulate power generation and transmission, and analogue electrical circuits.
  • Light and Sound - experiment with sound, water and light waves, and ray diagrams.
  • Force and Motion - investigate projectiles, oscillations, gravity and motion.
  • Electrochemistry - experiment with electrolysis, using a range of electrodes and solutions.
  • Inorganic & physical chemistry - simulate reactions safely and easily with over 100 chemicals.

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Yenka Mathematics

A colourful mathematical modelling tool, which lets you experiment with statistics, probability, 3D shapes and coordinates.

  • 3D Shapes — investigate 3D shapes easily, fold and unfold nets, and measure properties.
  • Statistics — experiment with statistics and probability, using tools that include 3D games and a line-up of people.
  • Coordinates - learn about 2D and 3D coordinates, with customisable games.

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Yenka Computing

Innovative tools to introduce programming: control animated characters using flowchart programs, and learn about loops, functions and variables.

  • Sequences - introduce computer programming by controlling 3D dancing characters.
  • Programming - control on-screen animations and 3D characters with a wide range of flowchart commands.

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