Free home use
Get a free copy of Yenka to use at home.

Free school trial
Try all our Yenka products free for 15 days in school.

You'll find a range of free products and resources on Yenka. There's no catch: they're intended to let you try our software. We hope that, if you like it, you'll consider buying a licence for your school, but there's no obligation to do so.

Use Yenka free at home

Completely free products for school or home use

Generally, you need to buy a licence to use our Yenka products in a school - but a few are available completely free for school use, as well as home use.

  • Yenka Mathematics - Coordinates introduces Cartesian axes by letting you plot points, play games where you find points or identify their coordinates, and identify points on 3D shapes.
  • Yenka Basic Circuits lets you simulate simple circuits using a range of pictorial components, like batteries, switches, resistors and bulbs.
  • Yenka Sequences lets you introduce computer programming, controlling 3D dancing characters using sequences of flowchart instructions.
  • Yenka PICs lets you program PIC or PICAXE microcontroller chips, and test your program on-screen before exporting it to a real chip.

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