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What does the model show?

This shows a possible wiring diagram for car headlights, sidelights and tail lights. This model is based around question 4 in the SQA Standard Grade Credit Physics paper for 2004. The values for some of the components have been altered so that they do not 'blow' when the model is used.

Figure 1

Demonstration Instructions

  1. This model simulates the wiring of lights in a car. If the sidelights' switch is closed these lights go on irrespective of the state of the ignition.
  2. Once the ignition is switched on, the headlights can be turned on but only if the sidelights are also switched on. If all the lights are on and the sidelights are switched off, all the lights go out. If all the lights are on and the ignition is switched off, only the headlights turn off.
  3. To reload the model to its starting point, simply press F5 or select 'Reload' from the 'File' menu.

Note: a simpler example of car wiring is found in the activity Car Wiring in Parallel.